5 Factors to Consider When Buying Flash Disks in Bulk

Since 1980 when Toshiba developed the first electronic computer storage medium, flash disks have seen tremendous technological developments. Back then, flash disks were slow and took ages to store mega bites of data. Now, we have super-fast flash disks that can store huge amounts of data and very portable.

Flash disks are not going anywhere any time soon and its popularity is expected to rise in coming years. This is because of their portability and ability to store large amounts of data. Buying flash disks in bulk is an ideal way for wholesale businesses to cut down on cost and make good profits. However, businesses should learn to identify high quality products so as to avoid unnecessary losses.


Quality should always be the first priority for any business of sound mind out there. You do not want to buy low quality products that will send your customers packing to your competitors. For a new business, research has shown that sales are made as a result of referrals and then marketing.

To identify high quality flash disks, look out for the quality of its memory chip. They must be new and from reputable companies and not a garage somewhere in rural China. The second and sure way is to check out for certification. Is the flash drive ISO 9001:2008 Certified?

Storage Capacity

Before you buy flash disks in bulk, it is prudent that you conduct a market analysis so as to know which flash disk capacity is most needed in your market niche. When you buy these bulk flash drives you decide to choose from a variety of storage specs such as 128mb to 128 GB. The only thing you have to make sure is that your market survey is accurate.

Customization Aspect

Whether we like it or not the millennials determine our market demand and supply. Research has shown that most millennials prefer Custom Flash Drives to fit their own personal tastes. Always buy flash disks that facilitate screen printing, photo printing or laser engraving.


To increase your chances of making sales then it is better to buy flash disks of different designs and shapes. Personally, I would recommend the metallic flash disks as I prefer to hang them on my car keys. Other people however, prefer plastic flash disks.

Other varieties of flash disks that can help you stand out and increase sales include wristband USBs and pen USBs.

 Quick Turn Around

This is the most important factor when choosing the right supplier for your flash disk. Imagine having clients who have placed their faith in you and expect you to deliver. You assure them that the goods will arrive in a weeks’ time. The week passes and now you are talking about a month. The frustration will lead the clients to get the flash disks somewhere else.

It does not matter the speed you are promising your clients. If you cannot deliver you are out of business.